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Title: Hello!3/12/2014 8:01:02 PM
I just wanted to say thanks. After little billy's soccer game we ended up patrolling the site for some good mood food. As I found my stomach growling, crawling for water. I ended up locating this beautiful place in between...Well, Subway and Gamestop....My first thought was are these connected? My second thought was go in and order to relieve my foot pains. Once I reached the door I wasn't greeted at all. I ended up walking to the counter and saying Hi, perfect start I said to myself. Here I am, anything on the menu to order and I end up finding out I have no money in pocket. Well, expect to see me soon because I still want to try this place out. Looks good though!

Title: Hello3/12/2014 7:59:01 PM
I would like to place a order for some Pork Fried Rice. It come quick and happy.

Title: Wow !3/12/2014 7:57:58 PM
Wow !

Title: Where do I start?3/12/2014 7:56:04 PM
I have not gone to eaten at better place in long time. top of line in food product for cheap, on top of food, food. I'm ready to go back to this fairyland in time! Soon!

Title: Yum !3/12/2014 7:55:11 PM
Yumm Yummm !

Title: Tast Amazingly !3/12/2014 7:53:50 PM
So much tast ! Makes happy belly.! Wait to have more, I cannot!

Title: Many Comment3/12/2014 7:52:00 PM
I love it ! Many delight in belly. Many comment !

Title: 2018/3/28 8:34:34
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Title: 2018/2/5 9:58:45
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Title: 2018/2/23 2:56:35
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