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Title: 2021/10/22 4:14:05
Hi, I'm Joe, I just noticed that there is the "error 500" appearing on some of your website pages. I'm pretty positive that those types of errors won't be appreciated by your customers and you are basically losing money as a result, plus they can significantly reduce the number of clicks from Google. I've decided to help and created the document for you with a few screenshots of errors and also indicated the links to the pages where they appear, hope it helps. Here's the link to the doc, check it out: Have a good day!

Title: 2020/8/23 15:55:47
Usually good food. Today, it’s the worst I’ve ever had. Rushed taking my order, Obviously didn’t listen to what I asked for. Shrimp lo-main with vegetables. Got 6 shrimp, and a shit ton of hardly cooked dry noodles, and not one vegetable. Not even a water chestnut.

Title: 2020/6/11 16:55:08
Do you still have the buffet?

Title: 2020/6/11 16:54:45
Do you still have the buffet?

Title: 2020/5/1 12:17:42
Hey! My name is Kristina and I target specific categories to offer customers/subscribers for Postmates in your area, the nation's largest and fastest-growing on demand delivery service. We're looking for great local staples to feature on Postmates. To meet customer demand, we are looking to add a few more options on Postmates. Based on the feedback we've heard about your brand, we think you would do incredibly well on the platform. I would love to get 10-15 minutes of one of your team member's time to discuss some ways we can send you new business. When do you have time for a quick call? Best, Kristina -- Kristina Cusolito Associate Account Executive, Business Development 615-767-5810 | @postmates | Postmates Learn more here:

Title: 2020/4/1 15:10:49
Are you open

Title: 2020/1/15 14:18:39
Do you still have a lunch buffet Monday through Friday!

Title: 2019/7/16 13:15:06
Register now for the ServSafe? Food Manager Certification book, class, & exam for $149 plus shipping. Classes held in Hagerstown and Chambersburg. Contact Savvy Food Safety, Inc. at 240-469-4445 or visit us online at

Title: 2019/4/24 12:42:51
My name is Alan and I am the Market Director for GrubHub and we are launching our delivery network in the Hagerstown area. There are no sign-up costs, monthly costs, or cancellation fees. In other words, if we don't send you an order, we don't make any money. You will never send us a dollar. Restaurants can cancel at any time for any reason free of charge. I will be in your area May 6th-9th meeting with owners, and I'd love to meet to see if GrubHub would be a good fit for your business model. Please let me know if you have time available for a quick 10 minute meeting.

Title: 2019/4/21 18:04:02
Very easy to place order online & ready when we got there. I will use this restaurant again

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